Manufacturing Process

  • Consistency and accuracy of profile:

The nature of the manufacturing process: cold rolling – enables the desired profile maintained and repeated for as long as it is required, in a very close tolerance. Moreover, the very little tool wears and the cold rolling process ideally suited to computerized operation which assists to maintenance of accuracy.


  • Versatility of profile shape:

Almost any desired cross-sectional shape can be produced by cold rolling, such as T-section. Z-section, Sigma section etc.


  • It could be pre-galvanized or pre-coated:

The steel material may be galvanized or coated by plastic materials either to enhance its resistance to corrosion or as an attractive surface finish.


  • Variety of connection and jointing methods:

All conventional methods of connecting components, e.g. riveting, bolting, welding, and adhesives are suitable for cold-formed section. The tek-screw is concerned in this study since it is fastest and easiest way which is available in local.


  • Speedy Construction and suit for site erection:

Generally the steel construction has eliminated the curing time which is inevitable in concrete construction: therefore it is far faster than concrete construction. The cold formed steel may more advantageous than the hot rolled steel since it can he cut and erected with very light machine and even only man power.


  • Increase in yield strength due to cold forming:

The cold forming process introduces local work hardening in the strip being formed in the vicinity of the formed corners .This local work hardening may result an increment of ultimate yield strength about 25% from its virgin yield.


  • Minimization of material:

Since the material used can be very thin in comparison to the lower thickness limit of the hot rolled steel sections it allows the material usage of the given strength or steelness requirement to be much less than that of the smallest hot rolled sections. The material thickness or even the cross-sectional geometrics could be controlled to achieve the structural features with minimum material weight i.e. high strength to material ratio.


  • High Profitably:

In cold rolled process the manufacturing cost of cold rolled steel section, mainly. Involve the initial model of purchasing the rolling machine and the cost of steel strip material later. The machinery cost only expensed once then it could be covered back in the continuous production. The cold formed steel roof truss system which is mainly interested by local machines is normally short in construction and involve only some light erection tools. Therefore, the investment required is not high and return back is sooner than most of the construction parts.


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